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Capping Machine

AVM 758


Filling- and Capping Machine in Monobloc Design

TVM 758


Peripherie DTT 200

Counterfeit security


Filling and Capping Machine in Monobloc Design

Liquid, FVR 100


Filling and Capping Machine in Monobloc Design

Liquid, FVR 200


Cleaning Machine

ABM 100S


Filling and Capping Machine in Monobloc Design

Tablet, TVR 200


Capping Machine

AVR 200





R.Deckert GmbH & Co. KG

Economic. Precise. Fast.

Deckert’s solutions set the benchmark for the filling of liquids, pastes or tablets and capsules as well as for capping, labelling and conveying for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry. Our new generation of machines combine design, layout and high-end engineering such as format-free container transport and positive product control. We use the state of the art and are economical in our production process. We are team players, strategic partners and pragmatic problem-solvers. We are innovative, customer-oriented, efficient and at ease in the global world of the pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries. Our creative product and application developments assure your position within your competitive market place.

Forgery protection in the folded cartons of packaged products in accordance with the EU directive to increase forgery protection for medicines.

Become active now – serialize now!

“The difference is in the detail” under this motto the Rudolf Deckert GmbH & Co. KG is presenting its interpretation of how to implement the EU directive to increase the forgery protection of medicines using its newly-developed T&T unit.



Whether filling machines for liquid or powder auger dosing, counting machines for solids or weighing dosing for bulk good product feeding, we have impressive and high-output solutions.


The new generation of our machines can offer unique solutions to a wide range of requirements. Format part-free container singling, changeover at the touch of button, complete repeatability via the HMI’s recipe system.


Any round container can be processed without format parts. Appropriate options such as hot embosser, thermotransfer, OCR/OCV etc are available. Our labelling system can also be integrated easily into existing lines.


On top of the filling and capping solutions, we can offer you related products, including suitable machinery, as well as all the necessary equipment, so we can provide you with a complete solution.

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