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The difference

is in the detail

M&V unit with TE labelling. The serialisation numbers including DMC are managed and printed, the side panels of the cartons are secured with TE labels. The
automatic format adjustment of the T&T unit fulfils customers’ demanding specifications and ensures the simplest possible integration into existing production lines.

Output up to: 250 BPM

  • Automatically reproduced shape changeover for folded cartons in the shape area
  • Automatic management of the shape parameters. Handover of the shape number on production start for automated settings by the IT system used
  • Inclusion of the machine controller, the printer and cameras in the customer’s higher-level computer system
  • Universal machine and transport system with electronic slide register, with flexible printing side depending on the design and size of the folded cartons, configurable independently of the constant side of the upstream cartoning device.
  • Additional transparent, locked protective panelling