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Monoblock counting, filling and sealing machine


Monoblock counting, filling and sealing machine TVR





The intermittently operating monobloc for counting, filling and capping in linear design can be configured with a wide range of dedicated workstations. All process steps have been integrated into one single machine. Counting, filling and sealing with just one high-performance machine.

The TVR series is our answer to the demanding needs of the pharmaceutical industry: increased productivity and efficiency in one compact machine with a small footprint. With a freely configurable number of counting modules and powerful, highly precise rake transport, the new TVR is ideally equipped for use in the medium and upper output range. The container transport is free of size parts, precise and reproducible with technically mature and reliable technologies. With our latest fascinating solution using integrated modular workstations for exact counting and filling, desiccant feeding, cotton inserting, capping and optional induction sealing, this machine is the perfect monobloc solution for solid lines.

Capacity up to: 120 BPM

  • Counting modules from Cremer for maximum counting accuracy
  • Controlled screwing with torque transducer and evaluation of a wide range of screw caps
  • Roll-on caps
  • Roll-off PP
  • Induction seals
  • Always reproducible from the format memory
  • Clear GMP-compliant design
  • All parts in contact with the product made of FDA-compliant materials