DTT200 – Forgery protection in the folded cartons of packaged products in accordance with the EU directive to increase forgery protection for medicines.

“The difference is in the detail”

It is under this motto that Rudolf Deckert GmbH & Co. KG is presenting its interpretation of how to implement the EU directive to increase the forgery protection of medicines using its newly-developed T&T unit.

The team at Rudolf Deckert Gmbh & Co. KG, the specialist mechanical engineer from Schwäbisch Hall in Packaging Valley tackled the request of an esteemed customer of many years’ standing for a machine to implement the forgery protection directives in a competent manner. The serialising numbers incl. DMC are traded and printed and the side flaps of the folding cartons sealed with labels. The automatic shape changing of the T&T unit rounds off the customer specifications, guaranteeing the simplest integration into the existing 12 production lines.

A typical request made of R. Deckert who, in line with its motto “Complex tasks – fitting solutions”, considered early on which technical concept would set it apart from the competition. The competitors can of course also print folded cartons, have the printed content read with cameras and checked with the appropriate software, apply the original seal to the folded cartons and eject faulty folded cartons.

  • Automatically reproduced shape changeover for folded cartons in the shape area.
  • Automatic management of the shape parameters. Handover of the shape number on production start for automated settings by the IT system used.
  • Inclusion of the machine controller, the printer and cameras in the customer’s higher-level computer system.
  • Universal machine and transport system with electronic slide register, with flexible printing side depending on the design and size of the folded cartons, configurable independently of the constant side of the upstream cartoning device.
  • Additional transparent, locked protective panelling

More (tablet & liquid)

Cleaning machine ABM 100S

“Not all cleaning is equal.“ The verified ABM 100S air cleaning machine with the tried and trusted blowout system consistently meets both the highest and the most complex of customer requirements. These remarkable results are achievable due to the design of the vacuum and air nozzles combined with a unique and highly effective cleaning cycle. The bottles, cans or phials are inverted by the machine’s transport system and placed above the cleaning nozzles where they are cleaned and subsequently transported downstream. With the latest packing solution, format changeover takes place at the touch of a button using a fully automatic cycle. Output: 220 bpm Size range up to dia. 120 mm

  • Bottle unscramblers with oriented feed and insertion of bottles into pucks. Verified air-rinsing machines as well as downstream following machines for insertion of desiccants and or cotton wool.
  • Filling and capping machines in Monoblock design with integrated induction sealing or ultrasonic welding.
  • Checking and verification devices for control of product before filling as well as solutions with weight verification.
  • Labeling, top and sideserting, depucking and printing stations for track-and-trace as well as end-of-line solutions


User-friendliness, the reduction of the number of setting parameters on changing shapes, good accessibility on changeovers and cleaning are the main criteria for any type of packaging machine rightly required by the personnel in the production and planning offices and which this model fulfils in an impressive manner. The response from R.Deckert is the DTT-200 with the following main characteristics: